With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, us #brokegirls might be starting to get nervous. What to do to show your SO that you love and appreciate them when you’re on a budget? We came up with some ideas just for that! Bonus: Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year so feel free to get extra frisky ;)

1. Staycation - Rent an affordable Airbnb in a cool part of town, or a city nearby, snuggle up, and get the vacation vibes without actually having to plan and pay for an extravagant vacation. Sure, you may have to take out your own garbage and make the bed before you leave, but you’d have to do that at home anyway, right?

2. Dinner by Candlelight - Get dressed up, buy some steaks and wine, light candles, and create the perfect fancy restaurant feel right in your own kitchen. Whether you choose to surprise him or cook together, making something you normally wouldn’t have will feel extravagant and have you wanting to cook at home more often.

3. Make Him (or Her) Something - The best gifts come from the heart, so why not make your lover a keepsake box for all of your shared memories or a frame for a favorite picture of the two of you, bake their favorite cookies, or write a love letter? We love looking around on Etsy and browsing Michael’s for ideas.

4. Massage for Two - Forego the $250 couples massage price tag and spend $10 instead on candles and massage oil, then take turns working out each other’s knots. Bonus points for putting together a playlist to fit the mood.

5. Dress it Down - Skip the steakhouse and head to your favorite dive bar or taco joint for some cheap food and drinks, because who needs to pretend to be fancy?

6. Bake Together - Instead of blowing $50 on a box of chocolates, make dessert together at home! Chocolate covered strawberries are easy and delicious, and we love these recipes for fudge and brownies.

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