Health & Fitness

Booty Bands - These durable, nonslip bands are great for targeting the booty more effectively than rubber style bands, IMO.

Stroller Fan - I bought this to hook onto my Peloton. Game changer.

Water jug - Holds 75oz and has a big ol' handle. I carry this around with me daily and can keep track of how much water I've had throughout the course of the day by peeping at the timed marks.

Sneaker storage bags - Great for packing luggage or a gym bag! I even use them to carry my work shoes in if I'm wearing rain or snow boots into the office.

Ultima Electrolyte Mix - I first tried this at a fitness retreat, and I've been buying it ever since.

Collagen peptides - I mix a scoop into my coffee every morning.

Tongue scraper - Sounds weird, but it's oddly satisfying. Get that tongue good and clean for fresh breath!

Beauty & Style

Mascara - A tube of mascara that costs $4.99 and actually works as well as competitors 4x the price?! I'm here for it!

Facial razor - I've tried several different brands to remove my peach fuzz and this kind definitely gets the closest shave.

Mud Mask - I use this whenever I feel a breakout coming on.

Sunscreen - This dermatologist recommended zinc oxide formula is the best sunscreen I've ever used and you can wear it under or over makeup without feeling greasy!

Rich Hand Cream - Absolutely necessary for Buffalo gals in the dead of winter.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat - Makes cleaning your brushes easier - and also shows just how much product those babies hold.

Wristlet Key Chain - Ever have the issue of carrying in groceries or a million bags into work (hi, me) but you can't remember which bag you put your keys into bc you obvs don't have enough free hands to carry them?! This wristlet key chain was MADE for these situations, and I have gotten so many "OMG that's such a great idea" compliments.

Phone Ring Holder/Kickstand - This makes me feel a bit more secure holding my phone, and I love that it also works as a kickstand.

Hair Tamer - Check out our story highlight on how this stuff works. Frizz be gone!

Diamond Dazzle Stick - Check out our story highlight on this easy way to get your jewelry clean and sparkly!


Simple Modern Tumbler - A YETI dupe, this is probably my favorite Amazon find ever. Keeps drinks cold for hours (maybe even days?!) and comes in so many cute colors and patterns. I've bought several for my friends and family as well.

Mix n Chop - Cooking ground meat has never been easier, promise.

OXO Pop Containers - I bought a few of these, and then I bought a few more. I love them! Perfect for cookies, dog treats, K cups, baking goods, you name it! They come in so many shapes and sizes.

Pull Chop - One of my all-time favorite discoveries, this makes chopping onions and veggies so quick and simple! Just be careful - the blades are extremely sharp.

K Cup Storage - This holds a lot of K cups, and your Keurig will fit just perfectly on top of it - a great way to store your coffee without adding extra bulk.


Wrapping Paper Organizer - I love that this holds the perfect amount of wrapping paper, tissue paper, bags, bows, tags, and ribbon, and makes it super easy to see what you have.

Wool Dryer Balls - I never use dryer sheets anymore, just these guys.

Cute Little Storage Canisters - I bought the small size for easy access to salt and pepper on my stovetop.

Washable, Reusable Shopping Bags - I love that these fold up really small, have a clip on them, and are washable!

Wall Planters - Bring some life (literally) to your walls with these cute planters!

Natural Laundry Detergent - I use this on my undergarments, it's gentle and non-irritating.

Echo Dot & Flex - We started with the Dot and now we have 2 or 3 Flex speakers around our house, so we can ask Alexa questions no matter where we are. It's also super convenient if you have smart features in your home (see below).

Samsung Smart Things Hub, Light Bulbs, Wifi Plugs - We are slowly replacing all the lightbulbs in our home with smart light bulbs. We synced our Smart Things Hub to our Amazon account, and we can say "Hey Alexa, turn on the basement" to illuminate the basement as we're walking down the stairs or "Hey Alexa, goodnight" from bed to have her turn off all the lights and TVs in the house.

Outdoor Chaise Lounge with Canopy - The perfect reading spot. You NEED this!

Lap Top Desk - Perfect to hold your tablet or laptop as you work from the comfort of your couch or bed.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker - For the person who loses everything (aka my fiance).

Bidet Attachment - This seems to be one of those weird things that all guys love.

Back Massager - This kneading massage pillow has heat and works great for really any body part.


Packing Cubes - I'm new to the packing cube game but, after just one trip with these, I think I am a fan!

Makeup Case - I love this makeup case and use it daily! The inserts are removable so you can customize the compartments to your liking. It's the perfect size!

Pill Packs - I pack my pills and label them by day (Monday PM, Tuesday AM, etc.) in these little pouches so I don't have to bring a million pill bottles with me.

Mini Wine Holder Picnic Table - This small table holds two wine glasses and the bottle and has enough table top space for your snacks, too. Get it for your next romantic date in the park or on the beach.


Mancala - This is one of those games that seems weird if you've never played it, but it's a fun (and mindless) way to spend 20 minutes.

Skip Bo - One of my family favorites, I had to have my own card set when I bought my own home.

Bananagrams - A fun alternative to Scrabble!

Our Moments - My fiance and I will pull a card out every once in a while as a way to start a conversation about a topic we might not think of on our own. It's a great way to feel like you're dating again because, no matter how long you've been together, there's always more to learn about the person you love.

Qwixx - Fast-paced, fun game with only minimal math involved.

Say Anything - A good party game for next time your friends are over!

What Do You Meme - Like Cards Against Humanity, but with memes.

Quick Wits - One of our favorites! This fast-paced game will have everyone on the edge of their seats.

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