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I have really gotten into podcasts during quarantine. When I lived out of state and traveled home almost monthly, I listened to audiobooks and TED talks. It made the drive go by in a way that kept my mind engaged and my interest piqued (there are only so many hours of music I can listen to at a time). So when I decided to paint my bedroom in April (quarantine projects, am I right?), I figured I’d try listening to a podcast I had been hearing a lot about. Over the next few months, I ended up bingeing hours of podcasts during home projects and dog walks, trying to find ones I really liked. Nine months later, I’m still listening to a ‘cast almost daily. Whatever I'm in the mood for, I put one on while walking, driving, and cooking. Here are the ones I’m currently enjoying.

  1. My Favorite Murder - My first podcast and still perhaps my greatest podcast love. Georgia and Karen’s banter is perfect, the way they tell stories makes me feel like they are close friends of mine, and of course there’s all the murder. If you grew up on Law and Order, were obsessed with Criminal Minds, read all of the Gone Girl-esque books, or can’t turn off the news whenever something horrible happens, this podcast might be for you. You just may be a murderino!. This podcast also has perhaps the best sign-off: Stay sexy and don’t get murdered. Really, the only advice we need.

  2. Wellness Mama - Katie invites guests on her show each week, experts in their fields, to talk about pretty specific topics (read: things generic health articles don’t even scratch the surface on). A few of my favorite episodes have covered monitoring glucose for metabolic health (not just for diabetics), sauna use for thyroid health, sun exposure for circadian rhythm.

  3. The Pete and Sebastian Show - With comedians Pete Correale and Sebastian Maniscalco. Two friends who live on opposite sides of the country, both with strong accents and Italian-isms, tell hilarious stories about their personal lives and talk about the state of the world. We listened to this show the entire drive back from Maine this summer, and I feel like I'm basically friends with Pete and Sebastian now.

  4. The Confident Collective - Curve models and fashion bloggers Kristina Zias and Raeann Langas founded TCC to help empower women to live more confidently. We’re all about that! They talk about all things body positivity, healthful living, mental health and overall wellness, size inclusivity, standing up for yourself, and so much more.

  5. Betches Brides - I’m planning a wedding in a pandemic and this podcast makes me feel like I am not alone in my struggles. Listeners can write in with questions, which the hosts weigh in on. Hearing questions that I have wondered about myself, but would probably never say out loud (How can I ask my friends to make a bigger deal about my wedding/engagement? How do I tell my FMIL she can’t invite 30 of her closest friends to the wedding, because it’s not her wedding?) makes me feel like my struggles are not unique to me, and I appreciate hearing different opinions on the matters.

  6. LadyGang - Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin, and Jac Vanek leave no subject off-limits. Listening to this podcast makes me feel like I’m sitting at brunch gossiping with the girls.

  7. The Spin Up - I just started listening to this new podcast, because I am obsessed with Peloton. Aimee and Carly are just as obsessed as me and share their tips for classes, scheduling workouts, PRing, nutrition, and more. If you're not in the Peloton cult, you probably won't enjoy this podcast. I've heard there are a few other Peloton-inspired podcasts out there too that I'll be checking out soon - I just can't get enough! If you know, you know.

I’m always open to new podcast suggestions. Are there any you love and recommend? Please let us know!

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