Can’t get reservations to your favorite #SundayBrunch spot, or would you rather drink your mimosas on the couch? We love brunch and we love hosting parties, so we rounded up some great brunch recipes. Text the girls, you’re hosting brunch this weekend!

Tater Tot Breakfast Bake

Who doesn’t love tater tots?! This recipe from Chew Out Loud is easy and cheesy, and you can even make it ahead the night before - just throw it in the oven in the morning! Can’t get much better than that. Get the recipe here.

Ham & Cheese Rollups

Pinwheels are a staple of my “easy appetizers I can make to bring to a party when I don’t want to spend much time or money” list. These ones are hot and savory. Here is the recipe from Kevin and Amanda.

Waffle Bar

This one is so easy, you don’t even have to cook the waffles yourself! Set up a station with a mini waffle maker, batter, and fun toppings/mix-ins, like berries, mini chocolate chips, and whipped cream and let your guests cook for themselves.

Sausage in a Blanket

A breakfast take on the tailgate classic. All you need are eggs, crescent rolls, sausage links, cheese, and a couple eggs. These are always a huge hit! Pillsbury has the recipe for this one.

Ham Sliders

Pinterest introduced me to these when I was looking for breakfast tailgate ideas. They barely lasted twenty minutes into the tailgate party, everyone loved them! Deli ham, Hawaiian rolls, provolone cheese, and eggs with a bit of mustard and brown sugar - sounds amazing, yes?! Mom Endeavors has the recipe here.

Bubbly Bar

We like stocking ours with Prosecco, Asti, Rose, OJ, peach juice (hello, bellinis!), pink lemonade, and pineapple OJ for lots of flavor options. Fresh fruit like orange slices and raspberries make for great garnishes, too.


Brunch - or really any meal, am I right?! - wouldn’t be complete without bacon. This hack from Wholesome Yum is a lifesaver! Cooks the bacon perfectly and makes for easier cleanup. We can’t stop talking about it!

Cinnamon Rolls

We like to have something sweet on the table, and cinnamon rolls are a great option. If you set up a waffle bar, you can even put an uncooked cinnamon roll in the mini waffle maker for a decadent treat. Last time I made brunch, I used this awesome recipe from Tasty for Cinnamon Roll French Toast Bake; it was love at first taste for everyone involved.

Coffee. No need to say more.


Buy some fresh flowers (we love the cute and affordable options at Trader Joe’s) and some matching decor and turn on the Beyonce to turn your home into the chicest of brunch spots.

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