Lapus Lazuli manicure - It's not perfect; I need to practice my shaping and filing skills - but I love having this as an option!

I’ve never been great at or enjoyed doing my nails, but I love having painted nails. Trouble is, I am a picker, so as soon as the polish starts to lift or chip, I pick off all the remaining polish. It’s why I don’t bother with gel - it peels off too easily. I was excited to try powder when I first heard about it a couple years ago. It’s the best bang for my buck! Thick and not easy to pick at, it can last for weeks. I find it hard to justify the cost of getting my nails done often, though, so I saved these manicures for special occasions. When nail salons in New York closed in March, I didn’t worry - there was nowhere to go and nobody to see, anyway. But when summer came and life got just a little more normal and my job went fully in-person, I kept noticing a colleague’s nails and asked about them. I was shocked when she said she does them herself - with powder! So I did some research of my own and ordered myself a kit from Sparkle & Co. I’ve only used it maybe half a dozen times so far (NY is shut back down, so again, nowhere to go and nobody to see) but I’ve already gotten value out of it. I spent less than $100 - what I’d pay for about 2.5 dip manicures at a salon - for the 4-step dip liquid process, cuticle oil, a duster brush, and 5 mini jars of powder (I chose Elle Wood’s Glass Slippers, Glamping, Coco Cabana, Autumn Leaves Burgundy, and Lapis Lazuli).

I also use a nail buffer, diamond file, cuticle trimmer, and cuticle pusher from Ulta. You’ll want to have acetone and cotton pads, too. I’m considering buying an electric nail drill, like this one.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to a tee - do not apply thick coats! - and use the powder in a bowl or tray so you don’t make a mess everywhere.

Sparkle & Co has several starter kit options available. Orders over $25 get free shipping. Use code Sparkle10 to save 10%. They also have a 5 minis for $40 deal - minis are .25oz and last for several manicures (I haven’t made a dent in any of my powders). They have gel and traditional nail polish too, if those are more your style!

Are you going to try?? Let us know!!

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